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Medicines Management

  • RQIA Provider Guidance 2018-19 - Medicines Management (584.12 kb)
  • Supporting Service Users With Their Medicines - RQIA Presentation, January 2019 (760.82 kb)
  • RQIA / NICE Medicines Management Workshop Presentations, September 2018 (3407.66 kb)
  • RQIA: Sharing Innovation and Good Practice 2018 (370.07 kb)
  • Review of The Management of Medicines During a Service User’s Admission To a Care Home, July 2018 (1523.1 kb)
  • Review of How Pain in Service Users is Managed in Nursing and Residential Care Homes, July 2018 (1472.51 kb)
  • Review of The Administration of Antibiotic Medicines and Medicine Changes, July 2018 (1785.44 kb)
  • Evaluation of the Administration of Prescribed Medicines in the Management of Distressed Reactions in Nursing and Residential Care Homes, April 2018 (643.46 kb)
  • Guidance on Standard Operating Procedures for the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs in Registered Facilities (134.64 kb)
  • Guidance on the Safe Use of Fentanyl Patches, October 2012 (73.51 kb)
  • Guidance on the Management of When Required Medicines to Service Users Displaying Distressed Reactions (351.62 kb)
  • Evaluation of the Management of Warfarin in Nursing and Residential Care Homes (641.37 kb)